Watch “PEACEFUL WARRIOR_English sub” on YouTube

This is a 2006 drama movie that based from a novel entitled ‘Way to the Peaceful Warrior‘ written by Dan Millman which is also the protagonist of the movie.

It is a story of a college student that is popular for his talent on gymnastic, being famous, a great friend and he is also an every girls dream off.

Unfortunately, he involved in a motorcycle accident that caused of his bones shattered into 17 pieces and for him to stop on his career.

At first, he didn’t accept the reality that his dream will never come true.. But with the help of the old man named, (he dont know the real name so he gave him a nickname) Socrates (this old man is too mysterious so thats why he named him Socrates) his life changed and had a couraged to continue his dream..

This is so inspiring movie.. So many lessons learned. Must watched this! Enjoy watching.

Hope you realize how life is so important so dont waste it in non-sense thing and trust yourself. Try to value everything and there is something good will happen to your life..

Watch “Miracle In Cell No.7 with english subtitles” on YouTube

This is a heart-warming korean movie about to a man who have a psychological problem but also a loving father to his smart and adorable daughter. Because of the eagerness for having a Sailor Moon bag, he was accused as a suspect and being sentence of death penalty to an incident that he never did.

Please watch this movie to know what will happen to the father and to his daughter and also the real story why he was accused.

You will realize what are the importance of your family. You will cry a lot and get some lessons to the story.

Parents are our guides to our right path

Early Pregnancy is one of the major problem of the teenagers nowadays. On my opinion, the reason why they encounter early prenancy is not because of being irresponsible parents but because of their lack of self-discipline.

Cause once they invited, they always say ‘YES!‘ they dont know how to decline offers especially if their friends invite them. Not all the time you should accept their invitations. There are times when you need to say YES and say NO.

Parents give their 101% trust to their child but some of the them are breaking it.

Some of the time, they influences by bad companion. Instead of going to school they much prefer going to the arcade to play whole day, ditch their class, smoke, drink, party harder and also making love at their very young age.

Its not right for them to do that kind of stuff. As long as they’re 17 years below they must listen first to their parents and obey them. They know what is right and best for you.

Parents dont want what is worst but instead they want what is best for their child.”

“Be thankful for what your parents doing. They do that because they love and care about you. Thats how they show their concerns on you.”

Different parents, also different ways how they discipline their child.

Some are strict and terror. Some are easily to approach, and some are kind. They’re different from one another, but they have a one goal. And that is to raise you with fear on them and know how to listen and obey to other who are above on you.

Conversation with a guy like him


This semester I have a guy classmate. I already noticed him because of being attentive on class coz of that I seeing him sort of being conceited and he also have an attitude of an absentism and always late in class. Actually, it’s the first time that we meet each other as a blockmates. I feel so uneasy and hard to cope up with him because of his attitude and I think I don’t be close to him. I dont talk, look and even smiling at him when we are in the hallway and he is doing the same way too. So that I really don’t him everytime he is entering in the class. And I was like ‘deadma‘ on him. Unfortunately, we have the same subjects that enrolled for this semester.

Days had passed with the same routine everytime I see him. Then one day, our professor discussed a very difficult topic to be able to understand of the class. Im a type of student that if you dont approach and talk to me I will not do the same way and vice versa. And due to lack of idea, I approached him and asked for his help. He didn’t hesitate to help me so I grabbed the opportunity. After that I was so glad because I finished the given activity very early BUT I felt so bad because of my negative first impressions about him before. All the negative impressions for him turned into a positive one. After he taught me and our other blockmates he still didn’t recognize me but Im pretty sure that I looked familiar to him.

The next day, he didn’t even attended our Operating System class. Our professor asked the class if we know the who are the absent and why they’re absent. On my mind, Im planning to asks him if I see him because he is attending our other class but that one is not.

Wednesday evening, we were blockmates. While waiting for our professor, I was like..

‘Hey! Your my blockmate on Operating System class, right? why were you absent?’

And he answered me like this..

‘Yeah. I woke up late in the morning and I have a lazybones to got up so I decided not to attended that time.’

That was our first ever conversation we had. On the next day, I supposed to not
attend our Operating System class while my next class is in the evening. I’ll wait for so long and besides I have a feeling that there is no sense to go so I only stayed at home then go next to my next class which is evening. Then he saw and asked me..

‘Why didn’t you attend our morning class?’

Then I answer him like..

‘I just dont like. Coz I have the feeling he will not teach us. So whats our professor did?’

He answered with indiposed voice ‘As usual, he didn’t do anything. Actually he came too early. Too early for the next subject.

I was felt so glad coz I didn’t missed any lessons on him. And that was our second talk. Simply as that.

We were taking our Prelim Examinations, we were seatmates and we both got the highest scores in the class.

So our professor prepared for a unplanned reporting for the highest pointers, and I was like surprised coz Im not ready. And I don’t have any idea, so I can’t stand alone infront of the class then all of a sudden, that guy saved me and he discussed all the given topic very nice and clear. But there are somr certain problems I really dont understand. My head really ache due to that difficult problems. Because he is smart and good in that subject it’s too easy for him and to be able to teach me well he said something unexpected that I never thought that he would say..

If you dont still get the logic, Im willing to teach you in our laboratory time and be my seatmate.”

He said it while smiling at me. And there is another thing he started to call me on my name. And right after that ‘I started to admire him.’


I wrote this because I really felt so glad that time. I want to shared this kind of feeling to others just to show them some lessons.

• First is, dont judge others by what they are doing but instead try to know them better.

• Second is be approacheable for you to have more colleagues.Dont hesitate to ask other for you to know something more.

• Admirations is not a love or deep feelings. Its just only idolizing one person because of their capabilities or talents. Its very natural.

• Like and Love are far different from one another so dont be confused.

• Study hard. Know your first priority. Education is the key to success. Take a risk and you will gain something better.

Thats all. Hope you understand and appreciate my short story. And you get more lessons on it. Lovelots!

Be a nature lover


It is Mt. Ubabis located in Laguna, Philippines. As far as I remember, it was a 3rd week of February when this photo has taken by my cousin.

The first time I saw this I was like that ‘Wow! I dont believe that this mountain would be like this’.

Cause everytime I see the mountain it looks like a dead one and will never become beautiful scenery.

But I was wrong. Time passed by, and this mountain would become like that in the picture. It is very lively and nice compared before the last time I saw this.

I hope you appreciate this photo and please make love and take good care of our nature. Please save our Mother Earth. Dont abuse the usage of it. Not now, but maybe someday we will be suffer for what we’re doing in our surrounding. Be a nature lover. Avoid trashing around, as long as you can keep your place clean, just maintain it. Nothing will lose on you guys if you do some actions.

Clean as you go. Be a nature lover. Keep your surroundings clean and maintain it. God Almighty see you from above so do what is right for our nature.

The Notebook

I want to watch the full movie of it. 😦

The Bookends


By Nicholas Sparks: The Notebook

“The romantics would call this a love story, the cynics would call it a tragedy. In my mind it’s a little bit of both, and no matter how you choose to view it in the end, it does not change the fact that it involves a great deal of my life and the path I’ve chosen to follow.”

This book was one of the rare times I didn’t hear about a book, until it was made into a movie. I saw the trailer, and then decided to read the book. Of course, my family found me hours later sobbing in my closet as I read it.

Let me start by saying that I’m not normally a fan of romantic books, or stories. Call it the cynic in me, but stories that are just love stories never really connected with me. I’d usually get annoyed at…

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